If We Want a Better Future, We Need Mindful Kids

Updated: Jun 11

The pandemic shook every corner of this planet and took us out of our comfort zone. This is the

first time, or at least the first time recorded in history, that an event affects everyone in the same

way. It did not differentiate race, power, money, or education level. However, there is something

positive and amazing in this situation. It reminds all of us that we are the same. Yes, you and me.

The pandemic brings our humanity back. Indeed, sometimes we need these “hard” situations to

demonstrate how resilient we are, and, how we love each other. We donated, cooperated, helped,

and connected with people, more than ever. We stayed at home and sacrificed our freedom for

others. What a beautiful act of love!

Hopefully, the next generation would not need to live this again to learn about love, resilience,

and compassion. Indeed, there is a way we can help them to understand their humanity: teaching

them to meditate.

Meditation is a technique that allows people to connect with the present moment. For almost all

adults practicing it is difficult. For kids, embracing meditation can be easier than adults if taught

the correct way. Kids, by nature, are more curious and willing to learn new things and are more

in tune with their love and caring emotions. They can learn to keep those emotions throughout

their lives if encouraged in heart-based meditation. Meditation gives children the tools to not

only face, in a positive way, a more competitive world, but also to build the world they want to

live in.

This awakening call is the opportunity to transform the world into a better place for the next

generations and should be a turning point to create a real change in our society. It is time to

nurture the people of the future: the kids of now. Indeed, it is our responsibility to raise kids who

maintain a sustainable planet and connect with others from their hearts.

More than ever, we are witnessing how people can heal a broken world through love and

empathy. So, let’s take action and teach future generations how to create meaningful lives and

bring positivity for a better future through meditation.

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